Laser Marking Systems

     The laser engraving machines we provide are unique. We also offer fantastic after-sales support as well as loyal account managers throughout the UK, as well as Ireland. We are makers of laser coding equipment with the intent to reduce marketing costs as well as activate a reduction of downtime. We have experience in the field of laser engraving and we have a network of specialists we can call upon to ask questions of. We are chosen as exclusive distributors of Tykma-Electrox, Macsalaser, MapleJet and more. Started in 1962, The Needham Group is a complex business unique in today’s market.

Needham Laser and Needham Coding is more than just one business entity. We aim to reduce customer’s coding costs as well as reduce equipment downtime. Our goal is to increase your efficiency and increase your profitability. We offer in-house training on your laser marking system. Service contracts require surveillance of customer relationships, working hard to identify your needs. Most systems we offer are backed by a 3-year warranty, combined with free telephone support. You have a direct line to our service engineer so you get the fastest response time. We offer both handheld and desktop systems for laser engraving.


Offering free onsite, or in-house training, installations, consultations and fully comprehensive warranties is something we are more than happy to do. Small sizes are not designed this way to make the customer feel foolish. We also sell laser fume extraction systems such as the Fumex. Laser fume extraction systems are portable, cost friendly, trustworthy, and easy to integrate. Training and support comes with the program with experienced staff on hand to help you get the most out of your laser marketing system. Our lasers can engrave metals, coated metals, plastics, organics like wood, components, processes such as deep engraving, industry uses, and jewelry.

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