Laser Marking Systems

There are a variety of laser marking systems that are committed to delivering exceptional products. Needham Coding has been committed to providing very high quality laser marking systems. Some of their products include the Minilase Manual Desktop Laser Marking System, the Zetalase Fiber Laser Marking System, the Vereo Fiber Laser Marking System and the Virtus Vanadate Laser Marker. All of these products deliver great function at an affordable price.

The Minilase Manual Desktop Laser Marking System has powerful features, reliability, and unmatched speed. This system provides more accurate laser marking than any CO2 or based system. Thanks to its innovative spring-loaded system, it is very lightweight and ergonomic. To get start with the system all you need is a usb connectable computer and the Minilase™ Pro SE software.

The Zetalase Fiber Laser Marking System is another standout system. The Zetalase is both Flexible and maintenance-free. This is an advanced system with quality standards that will most likely exceed your expectations. It's powerful and exclusive features has helped it to earn a spot in production environments across the globe.  

The Vereo Fiber Laser Marking System was created for integration into manufacturing and assembly lines. It offers some of the highest reliability figures in the industry today. The Vero can act as a standalone system with on-board programs and storage.

The Virtus Vanadate Laser Marker is another great system. The Virtus is specifically mad to be integrated into the manufacturing world. This innovative technology provides provide excellent flexibility combined with the ability to emit at three different wavelengths. The system is high-speed, accurate & reliable.

These are just a few of the great laser marking systems on the market. This is an incredible technology that is impacting many.