Laser Marking Systems


Laser Marking Systems

A laser marking system is used to engrave an object. It is a method to leave marks or an object, which is used in milling, changing color change, charring, foaming and many other methods. The process involves the use of metal alloys and polymers.


Laser marking systems are powerful, precise and reliable. These systems are used in food production, watches, chains, bracelets, tooling, aerospace, extrusion, automotive and many other industries. There are many types. Here are a few:


* Fiber

* Na:YAG

* C02

* DPSS Vanadate

* Ytterbrium


There are also many applications that can be used such as:


* Wood

* Textiles

* Tetra Park

* Plastics

* Anodised

* Electronics

* Labels

* Carbide

* Metals

* Foil

* Flexible

* Paper


Marking systems experts is fast and effective with etching, engraving, and annealing permanent marks. A laser beam connects with materials to create logos, lines, or any other designs. You can mark surgical parts, dog tags, guns, awards, material flow, bar codes, 2D data matrix, serial numbers,jewelry and so much more. The marking systems come in 1064 and 53 nm wavelengths. They are also made to uphold high quality standards. For more decorative engravings, a laser table is used- which emits light, towards two mirrors, so that the laser beam will trace properly.


Laser marking systems are affordable for stainless steel markings and use the right fiber or materials to ensure the right application. It's the best way to get coding technologies, ink development, manufacturing, and supply. They use household to formula 1 brands that are durable and cost effective. Engineers and technicians work hard to analyze and make sure that you get the custom designs that you request. It's a great investment and an effective way to engrave your next object

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