Laser Marking Systems

There was a time when marking an object or as it's more commonly known engraving an object was time consuming work. However, the use of lasers helped to cut the time of this job down considerably. These days there are now laser machines that are used to now take the job of engraving any object even easier. However, there are many types of laser marking machines to chose from and it is important for each company to chose the one that best suits their own personal needs when it comes to investing in a laser marking system.

MLME Laser Engraving Machine

This engraving machine is lower in cost but still delivers quality high end work. This one can do the job of higher price models but can fit on any desktop. This one is ideal for marking metal, plastic and numerous other types of products.

Zetalase Fiber Laser Marking System: The one is a bit larger but also priced well along with being user friendly. With the Zetalase it's almost like plugging it in than using it. The machine is simple to understand but has many great features to make it a great Laser Marking System. However, despite being so user friendly this laser marking machine offers some of the best state of the art features on the market today.

Portable and Handheld Laser Marking Systems

This is the types of Laser marking systems that are so compacted that these are not only ideal for business use but personal home use as well. The smaller handheld laser marking systems are ideal for smaller type jobs. These are also ideal for those times when engraving can be difficult to accomplish with a machine due to the fact that it's next to impossible to get the object within due to size so a handheld marking system would be ideal.